This Is Pop instrumental game-changer!


Joe Carhart produced our video for This Is Pop and here he is in a different guise, changing the barbecue game with the instrumental version of This Is Pop bouncing along in the background. Watch now.

Goodbye George


We were saddened and shocked to learn that Jiří Kominek, or George as he was more widely known, a founding member of Latimer House and our drummer on All The Rage, passed away earlier today from injuries sustained during a fall down a flight of steps in the early hours.

Joe and George had known each other for years before George mentioned his drumming, in 2010.  They started jamming around fragments of old and new song ideas in a sticky old rehearsal room in Prague's Zizkov district.  They could never find a bass player but after a few months George had the bright idea of calling Mike, and out of that Latimer House started to form, a process that completed when the trio were in another sticky rehearsal room making a racket when they heard some amazing keyboards emanating from the next rehearsal booth... enter Anar.

The band's regular rehearsal routine was Mike collecting Joe and his guitars in his motor and then picking up George and his snare and hi-hat. As George clambered into the car the air would thicken with the smell of tobacco and his inventive profanities. Fortified by their regular pre-rehearsal munch on Balkan sausages from Zizkov's Bosnian grill house, the band worked on a dozen or more songs until they felt just about ready to go into the studio.

The photograph of George was taken in Faust studios in Prague as we were recording our first album with Derek.

Without Jiří Kominek there would arguably have been no Latimer House. And now he's gone the world is a duller place.

Rest in pease, George. May your memory be a blessing. Joe, Mike, Anar and Derek.

Download card with Hey!


Every vinyl copy of Hey! comes with this download card designed by artist Jon Measures.

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16,000 spins for This Is Pop


This Is Pop hit 16,000 spins today! Give it a listen and watch the video here. Groovy 7" in jade vinyl and fold-out poster sleeve available from the LH Store or our Bandcamp page, with the trippy sounds of Shake! on the flip.

strumming new songs

Strumming new songs


This week we were strumming out some new song ideas, and next week we'll be in the studio with Derek Saxenmeyer (that'll be him at the desk) to mix the 12 songs that we've recorded for Hey!, our forthcoming album... Stay tuned and watch this space!

Bubblegum remix on the way


A remix of Bubblegum, the closing track on All The Rage, is on its way...

Hey! What's going on?


We're on the home straight and approaching the finishing line for our new album, Hey! Over the last few days we've added Hammond, cello, a bit of fretless bass, yet more guitars, and vocals to the newest batch of four songs that we're recording with Derek Saxenmeyer in Prague's Faust Studio. We now have a dozen numbers completed or near completion... just a bit more crooning to do, and then we move to mixing. We've even got John at IWANTdesign working on some artwork for Hey!... so we must be close! 

LH drum

This Is Pop on The June Brides radio mixtape


Phil Wislon from The June Brides spins This Is Pop in his mixtape for the Voice of Cassandra, as broadcast from Israel, France and Greece. Click here for great tunes from Latimer House, The Soft Boys, Orange Juice, The Pastels, The Modern Lovers, Paul McCartney and more! the-june-brides

Music Town records in Prague now stock Latimer House


Latimer House vinyl and CDs are now stocked at Jakub's great record shop Music Town, in Prague near the TV Tower!

Anar Yusufov



We were back in the studio earlier this month with David Landstof on drums and Derek Saxenmeyer at the desk to record four new songs. We now have 12 songs in the works for our forthcoming album, which we'll probably call Hey! Working song titles, in alphabetical order, are Around Again, Big Sleep, Content, Crossroads, Equity, Fall, Hey!, Jigsaw, Light A Candle, Oh Yeah, Orange Light and Trick. 

Guitars last week, vocals next week


It's all go at Latimer House! Last week we went into Faust Studios for a couple of great sessions with Derek Saxenmeyer, our recording engineer and co-producer, and finished all the guitar-work on the songs that will form our next album. Next week we're back in there again to record the vocals, which leaves us just enough time to do a final edit of the song lyrics...

Hey! Latimer House are back in the studio this week


Hey! We take our guitars into the recording studio this week for some work on our latest set of songs.

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Norman Records stock All The Rage


One of Britain's finest independent online record retailers, Norman Records, has had the good sense to stock the vinyl version of All The Rage. Norman Record's Clinton had this to say here

latimer house cd

The Glamour Of Pop


All The Rage unwrapped and unpacked at the factory gate.

The CD of All The Rage comes in a paper covered gatefold board sleeve, with a booklet of fab (pop) art on uncoated paper, and the pressing is on a sexy black polycarbonate CD. Super cool. Get one in our shop before they're gone!