Irish blog Deadly Music gets geographically confused about Latimer House


Fecking Deadly Music ran a nice review of This Is Pop, then six  months later updated it to report Latimer House are not based in Prague, which we are! Anyway, they wrote this: "Listen to the rather magnificent indie math rock This Is Pop, a track with the folk sensibilities of Half Man Half Biscuit and the swagger of early Smiths." Thanks very much, and greetings from Prague!

Amazing Radio's Gary Crowley rates Latimer House!


"Gary Crowley is a big fan of Latimer House," says Amazing Radio. And we're big fans of Gary, who's played our records on his Amazing Radio and BBC London shows, and posted our video for This Is Pop on his Amazing Radio web page. Read more here!

German blog Nicorola interviews Latimer House


Euer Album „All The Rage“ erschien zusammen mit der Single „This Is Pop“ vor ein paar Wochen. Wie sind die Reaktionen bisher?

English-language version here:

This Is Pop 7" sleeve

7inches reviews This Is Pop and Shake!


Brooklyn blogger Jason Egan writes about nothing but 7" singles on his wonderful 7inches. This is what he had to say about This Is Pop: "This is Pop" on the A-Side has the super jangle of a real textbook English sound and Joe Cook's baritone vocal like Eddie Argos of Art Brut is delivering things in a suave cabaret style by declaring 'This is Pop' in the same sentence as processed meat. Post rock, loose jangle guitar and these drums are mic'd perfectly for this stuff. Loose and cranked they've jabbed the mics up in those cavities where you get every ricochet off the sticks and the hiss of high hats. The guitar is loud an clipped following along but getting distracted along the way. Wandering down the street distracted by nearly everything in those windows, nothing is that important, not even this song. Joe's cleverly meandering this vocal right along with these window shopping riffs. It's fast and pop, all catchy but still with that dopey half awake style. Not a stoned surf, but a winking pop that knows it's just on the border of not being pop at all." And there's more of it here

latimer house artwork all the rage

SeeSound: 'something special is occurring'


"As the album moves through numbers such as ‘Burn’, ‘Eye Can See’ and ‘Open Your Heart’, a pattern emerges. Buoyant, untampered vocal lines speak out amid simple drum grooves, driven guitar lines and upbeat bass motifs. ‘Burn’ however is different. Blessed with a calm string quartet, Latimer House’s burgeoning eye for development is quenching, and not to be underestimated. Containing elements of The Good, The Bad and The Queen, there is a darkness present which rarely enters proceedings. For that, we benefit."

All The Rage reviewed by Freaks Of Nurture


" all good pop music, these tunes are always interesting. 'Splash', with its wandering organ sound and anthemic chorus, is one of the best tracks here. 'Love's Undermined', with its broken riffage filtered through a burnt out amp, is another highlight.  These are well-written and hooky songs which linger in the brain. Latimer House have created a playful eulogy of 'pop', celebrating its avant garde innovations and tacky frivolities alike." Read the review here

'Incredibly intelligent and terrifically pretty'


All The Rage is "an incredibly intelligent outing and terrifically pretty" says The Big Takeover. Full review here.


US blog Obscure Sound reviews Shake!


Obscure Sound say this about Shake! "Nonchalant, atmosphere-heavy verses give the vibe of a fun party at its beginning phase, when somewhat hesitant guests are greeted at the door. The chorus, meanwhile, loosens the vibe up with rollicking guitar riffs, and that aforementioned Shake! resonating like a battle cry." And this about All The Rage: "Their guitar-driven rock and pop goes all over the place, from the string-fueled sentimental folk of Burn and the southern-rock-tinged Open Your Heart to the X Factor-loathing closer Bubblegum.”

Pop Jack

British music site MusicMuso introduces Latimer House


Steve Muscutt is real music fanatic, which is why he runs a website, which is where he introduces Latimer House!

latimer house artwork all the rage

All The Rage by Sound of Confusion


Great review of our album All The Rage from the Sound of Confusion. "...It's difficult to listen to songs like 'Eye Can See', which has more great lyrics ("all the cross words, never a clue"), without thinking of Syd Barrett, and that's a definite compliment."

"Latimer House don't really want to do normal. 'Red Heart Sequin Blues' takes Dury, adds Chas and Dave and still works, and that's no mean feat. The delicate, slightly reverby 'Your Love' arrives at just the right moment, following the upbeat, fun and witty indie tunes, and injects a little well-handled soppiness into proceedings; it's a nice, dreamy song, but might put off those who are just here for the good time rock n' roll. This different side to the band is wonderful to see though. The funky 'Love's Undermined' lifts the tempo again with an organ-driven groove and a depth and complexity to the instrumentation that you might not notice at first, and its these subtleties and attention to detail that gives Latimer House that extra inch to stand taller than many groups in this field. Full review here.

latimer house artwork all the rage

Czech music blog Nukain goes All The Rage


Czech music blog Nukian reviews All The Rage and gives it 7/10. Not too bad at all, dekuji!

latimer house cd

The Glamour Of Pop


All The Rage unwrapped and unpacked at the factory gate.

The CD of All The Rage comes in a paper covered gatefold board sleeve, with a booklet of fab (pop) art on uncoated paper, and the pressing is on a sexy black polycarbonate CD. Super cool. Get one in our shop before they're gone!


SeeSound reviews Shake! and more from Latimer House


"Shake! ...Opening cleanly the electric strums as a forward acoustic melody is picked out before the shoulder shaking groove enters. Moving a lot more freely, the bass rattles around as the chanty chorus enters. Rhythmically it's intriguing as the organ stabs while the guitar continues plucking away with the vocals being called with a clean, dulcet voice and responded by a shouty, revered mob. The more relaxed four four beat here helps the piece remain laid back and gives the organ room to powerfully bellow out, offering support to grandiose guitar chords. It's not complex. Or difficult. As the piece reaches a climatic finish with the drums hammering it down like a summers day in Manchester, the single is complete. And for what it's worth it ain't too bad at all."

honk1 latimer house this is pop/shake

The Sound of Confusion reviews This Is Pop and Shake


"It's debut single time for Latimer House with these two songs set for a 7" release. Both songs here are classic British indie..." Our very first review!