Glad you could make it, and welcome to Latimer House.

We make guitar-driven pop music and release it on our own independent label, Honk Records. Our debut album All The Rage is available on sexy black polycarbonate compact disc, on glorious 180-gram vinyl and in invisible digital. It also streams on Spotify.

Latimer House is currently the home of Joe Cook (guitars), Michael Jetton (bass) and Anar Yusufov (keyboards). David Landstof (drums) is staying as a guest, and Derek Saxenmeyer (engineering & production) lives in the neighbourhood.

We are currently working on our next album. Stay tuned…

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Hey! Latimer House have a new collection of songs...

24 Apr 2016

We've finished mixing the songs that we've spent the last umpteen months recording for our next album, Hey! Latimer House on this record are Joe Cook (vocals & guitars), Michael Jetton (bass & guitar), Anar Yusufov (Hammond organ, grand piano, mini Moog, Rhodes) and David Landštof (drums & percussion). Our friends Jan Keller (cello), Justin Lavash (guitar),Ondřej Smeykal (didgeridoo), Tomáš Reindl (tabla), Robert Vašíček (Hammond organ) and Štěpán Zbytovský (flute & bass clarinet) all played, and played brilliantly. Josefine Cook, Yağmur Çağlar, Milena Černáková, Eleanor Wilson, and Barbora Hořejší all sang. Our master of ceremonies in the studio was ...

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honk1 latimer house this is pop/shake

16,000 spins for This Is Pop

24 Mar 2016

This Is Pop hit 16,000 spins today! Give it a listen and watch the video here. Groovy 7" in jade vinyl and fold-out poster sleeve available from the LH Store or our Bandcamp page, with the trippy sounds of Shake! on the flip.

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Latimer House

Latimer House on Instagram

20 Mar 2016

We are now on Instagram @Latimer_House 


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strumming new songs

Strumming new songs

8 Mar 2016

This week we were strumming out some new song ideas, and next week we'll be in the studio with Derek Saxenmeyer (that'll be him at the desk) to mix the 12 songs that we've recorded for Hey!, our forthcoming album... Stay tuned and watch this space!

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Latimer House open The Smelly Flowerpot

11 Dec 2015

Dave Hammond opens his show The Smelly Flowerpot on Cambrideg 105 with Bubblegum (Joe Foster Remix), and goes on to spin some excellent music. Check out his feature on the bands and sounds of Cambridge... some great stuff. Thank you Dave!

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Honk 4

Bubblegum (Joe Foster Remix)

Digital only
honk3 latimer house birdcage walk / until then
Honk 3

Birdcage Walk / Until Then

Digital and 7” red vinyl with fold out poster
honk 2 latimer house all the rage
Honk 2

All The Rage

Digital, polycarbonate CD with art booklet and gatefold 180-gram vinyl

honk1 latimer house this is pop/shake
Honk 1

This Is Pop / Shake!

Digital and 7” turquoise vinyl with fold out poster